Detailed Shipping Inventory (legalized by means of nearby authorities and the Lebanese Consulate at vicinity of beginning)
Certificate of Change of Residence (legalized by neighborhood authorities and the Lebanese Consulate at area of beginning)
Contract of housing or apartment in Lebanon (legalized by means of the Municipality)
Work and Residence lets in (required for non-Lebanese immigrants best)
If you’re delivery shipment inclusive of household items to Lebanon, a few items may additionally qualify for duty unfastened shipping. For instance, you may deliver used items which you have owned and been the usage of for as a minimum six months or longer to Lebanon duty loose.

If you are shifting to Lebanon or returning to the us of a after having been away for a while, you may be interested by policies and rules regarding car shipping to Lebanon.

If you ship a vehicle to Lebanon, you’ll probable be anticipated to pay responsibility fees. Duty expenses for car transport to Lebanon range among 20% and 35%. An skilled shipment shipping company can provide you additional statistics about vehicle delivery and responsibility prices to Lebanon.

Keep in thoughts which you are not allowed to deliver a 寵物移民杜拜  car older than eight years to Lebanon. In addition, make sure which you have an ownership card on your car and an invoice of purchase. The car buy invoice will need to be legalized by means of the Chamber of Commerce and the Lebanese Consulate.

Bringing a Pet to Lebanon

If you’re inquisitive about bringing your puppy with you to Lebanon, you will want to make certain that your animal has up to date certificates for all ordinary inoculations. Please word that a Sanitary Certificate is required for access into Lebanon.

Knowing the present day delivery rules and guidelines will make your experience with global delivery to Lebanon or anywhere else within the world an awful lot simpler.

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