First Communion generally takes place when a child is in second grade. Be sure to choose an age-appropriate gift to commemorate the sacred event. Here are our top 10 ideas.

The gift may be religious in nature:

1. Personalized Adult Bible: Saint Hubertus This may be the Hunting Necklace Communicant’s first Bible of their own and can be any color and style you choose. It can be personalized with the child’s name.

2. Jewelry with cross pendants: This gift is especially appropriate for girls and can be purchased as bracelets or necklaces, in silver or gold.

3. St. Christopher medal: Known as the patron saint of travelers, St. Christopher medals may be cherished by boys and girls alike.

4. Children’s prayer books: As the Saint Hubertus Communicant delves deeper into their faith, such books can provide guidance.

5. Wall crosses: These decorative items come in a number of styles and can include the child’s name and date of the Communion. This is an exceptional Saint Hubertus gift for family members or godparents to give the child.

If you’re interested in a non-religious gift, consider:

6. Jewelry boxes: For girls, this gift can be very customized, either with favorite colors, unique textures, or engraved with the child’s name.

7. A journal: As the second grader grows and Saint Hubertus develops, they may have thoughts and feelings they want to save in a personalized and private journal.

8. A watch: This is probably the first watch the child will have owned and can include their favorite color or character. Remember, they have just learned to  Saint Hubertustell time, so the watch face should be easy to read.

9. Sporting equipment: If the child is an athlete, sporting equipment will be used daily.

10. Purse or wallet: The child may receive money for the Communion, and this is a unique way to demonstrate their ability to have a hand in their own savings.