When a ship is built or purchased outdoor of India and turns into the belongings of a person or corporation certified to very own an Indian deliver, the owner (master of the ship) need to apply for a provisional certificates of Indian registry with the Indian Consular Officer at the nearest port. The provisional certificate can be granted upon satisfactory proof of ownership, and is considered felony and binding much like a certificate of registry. It is however brief and is right for six months from date of issue or till the ship arrives at an approved port of registry, whichever comes first. The provisional certificates must be surrendered and replaced with a certificate of registry from the officer (registrar) at the port of registry.

It is, but, valid for a period of 6 months from its date of difficulty or till the advent of the deliver at a port where there’s a Registrar, whichever come first. The provisional certificate so issued will should be exchanged with the aid of the owner for a certificate of registry from the concerned Registrar. In a few cases, a ship 중국배대지 has to sail from the port wherein she changed into built in India to some other port in India wherein she could be registered. The registrar may additionally, on the authority granted to him by the Director General of Shipping, problem a transient skip to permit the ship to move between ports in India. It permits for passage among ports till the ship arrives on the port of registry. The certificate of registry is supposed completely for the lawful navigation of the deliver and should now not be used for different hobbies. Anybody protecting directly to the certificates of registry must turn it over to the proprietor of the deliver, without prejudice. Otherwise, they can be held responsible and taken to courtroom for keeping the certificate of registry illegally. In case there is a alternate within the Master of an Indian ship, a memorandum of exchange must be recommended and signed on the Certificate of Registry by using the authorized representative relying at the situations, For instance, the signature of the presiding officer of a Marine Board or a Court is authorized if the alternate of master happens due to findings within the Marine Board of Inquiry. The registrar or any other office authorized by using the Indian Central Government can also make the endorsement.

If the deliver undergoes changes, a registry of alterations needs to be submitted to the registrar within one month of the changes. If the alterations are enormous, such that it affects the size or way of propulsion, the ship will should be registered as new, Procedures for new registry will practice. However, the unique reputable quantity allocated to the deliver is probably retained.